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    Terms and Conditions


    “Player”, “Customer”, “Bettor” shall mean any person registered at

    Website” is

    *In case there are other language versions of the Terms & Conditions available, the English version will always prevail.

    1.3.      These Terms and Conditions take effect upon completion of the registration process, which includes checking the box to accept these Terms and Conditions and successfully creating an account. By using any part of the Website after you create an account, you agree to these Terms and Conditions that apply to your use of the Website.

    1.4.      Current Terms and Conditions may be changed by the Company when such need occurs. The Company may notify the players of any significant changes, whenever possible. However, please visit the Terms and Conditions page regularly to check for possible changes.


    2.1.      Any kind of sports betting or live betting for players from Russia is strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to confiscate funds and block an account if it is proven that sports betting was made by a person located in Russia.

    2.2.      Should any of these rules be violated, the Company reserves the right to refuse to pay any winnings or to refund stakes, as well as to cancel any bets. The Company shall not be liable in relation to the moment when they become aware that the customer falls within any of the aforementioned categories. This means that the Company shall be entitled to take the above measures at any time once they have become aware that the customer is an individual who can be designated as above.

    2.3.      The Company shall be entitled to refuse bets from customers who fail to abide by these Rules.

    2.4.      The Company reserves the right to refuse to accept a bet from any individual without giving a reason.

    2.5.      Under the pre-trial procedure, a party claiming the violation of their rights shall serve a written complaint to the opposite party. Whenever a complaint is served to the Company, it shall be delivered to the  Company-owned registered office stated in the constituent documents of the Company and supported by the respective statement from the public register of companies. Whenever a complaint is served to the customer (contract party), it shall be delivered to their place of residence (or place of stay).

    2.6.      A complaint shall be served within 10 (ten) days of the day when the party became aware or should have become aware of the violation of their rights. Documents supporting and substantiating such complaint shall be enclosed. In default of sufficient grounds for the complaint, the same shall be returned without examination. All bet calculation claims for Cyber-Live games are accepted within 72 hours from the moment of game ending.

    2.7.      Should the receiving party fail to consider a complaint within the established timeframe, a party claiming the violation of their rights shall be entitled to bring action to court, and the proper venue shall be a court in the country of the registered office of the Company.

    2.8.      Should these Rules be amended, customers may be notified accordingly. Bets accepted after the specified date shall be subject to the amended Rules. Earlier bets shall remain unchanged.

    2.9.      In no event shall the Vave be held liable to the Customer for any indirect, collateral, or incidental losses or damages (including loss of profit), even though they may have been notified that such losses or damages are likely to occur

    2.10.      No connection failure while receiving confirmation of a bet shall entail the cancellation of such bet.

    2.11.   Placing a bet acts as proof that the Customer agrees to and accepts these Terms and Conditions.

    3. WHO CAN PLAY:

    3.1.      The website only accepts adult players (the minimum age is 18) and players who have reached the age specified by the jurisdiction of the player’s place of residence as eligible for online gaming. The Company reserves the right to ask for proof of age from the player, limiting access to the website or suspending the accounts of players who fail to meet this requirement. The Company will not assume any liability whatsoever in this regard and will not reimburse any deposits, winnings or any losses as a consequence of the violation of any legal provision that may be applicable to the player. It is the player’s sole responsibility to comply at all times with his/her own local, national or state laws that relate to online gambling.

    3.2.      The website accepts players only from those countries and geographic regions where online gambling is allowed by law.

    3.3.      The right to access and/or use the Website (including any or all of the products offered through the Website) may be considered illegal in certain countries. The fact that our Website is available in such a country and/or jurisdiction or that it can be displayed in the official language of any of those countries cannot be considered official authorization or legal grounds for using our Website and depositing funds into your account or withdrawing your winnings. The availability of the Website does not mean that it contains any proposals, incitement or invitation to use or subscribe to betting, gambling or any of the other services in any jurisdiction where such activity is illegal.

    3.4.      You are responsible for determining whether your accessing and/or use of the Website is compliant with applicable laws in your jurisdiction and you warrant to us that gambling is legal in the territory where you reside. When opening an account and/or using our Website you must make sure that your actions are legal in the territory in which you reside. You also guarantee and agree that you have received legal advice before registering on our Website.

    3.5.      Any claim against the Company brought by you for any reason whatsoever in regard to the above mentioned will be considered void and shall not be accepted.

    3.6.      Players from Belarus, Curacao, Estonia, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, United Kingdom , United States of America, Сyprus, France, Netherlands are prohibited from playing real money wagering games at Vave. The Casino cannot guarantee successful processing of withdrawals or refunds if the player breaches this Restricted Countries policy. Also please note that players from Canada are not allowed to play NYX (NextGen) games.

    3.7.      When you play casino slots developed by NetEnt, NetEnt’s privacy policy also applies. It can be found here: NetEnt Privacy Policy

    3.8.      If your country is not listed on the registration form, it means that it is not currently available for registration, and selecting another country to bypass the restriction is strictly prohibited. This may lead to winnings being confiscated and permanent account closure.


    4.1.      Each registered customer may have only one account. Customers may register only one account per family, address, e-mail address, IP address, credit/debit card, e-wallet or electronic payment method. Persons otherwise associated with a customer will not be allowed to register on the website.

    4.2.      Creating multiple user accounts by a player can lead to termination of the accounts and suspension of all payouts. Please have in mind that the casino reserves the right to reject a deposit refund in case a duplicate account is detected. The player shall not provide access to his user account or allow using the website to any third party including but not limited to minors. The website can only be used for personal purposes and shall not be used for any type of commercial profit.

    4.3.      Any offensive or obscene language, as well as any commercial or promotional information, are not allowed in the "Nickname" field in the player's profile. If any violations are detected, support service members or other Company's staff may replace the contents of the "Nickname" field with something neutral. In case of a repeated violation, the player's account may be blocked and all funds confiscated.

    4.4.      Any returns, winnings, or bonuses which the player has gained or accrued during such time as the Duplicate Account was active may be reclaimed by us, and players undertake to return to us on demand any such funds which have been withdrawn from the Duplicate Account.

    4.5.      The account holder confirms that any activities on the account are performed by themselves. If the account is managed by a third party, the account holder shall take exclusive responsibility for access to the account.

    4.6.      The Customer shall be responsible for keeping their password and account number received at registration confidential. All bets registered with the Company shall be valid. Bet cancellation shall be subject to these Rules. Should the Customer’s login details come into the possession of a third party, the Company should be informed, the Customer should change their username and password and their email password to stronger ones. You must not disclose any cash withdrawal codes or codes for changing your phone number to any third party.

    4.7.      You may not sell, transfer or purchase Player Accounts to or from other Players.


    5.1.      The website allows having an account with the following currencies: BTC, BCH, ETH, DOGE, LTC, TRX, USDT, XRP. While playing most of the games on this website, your crypto currency will be automatically converted into fiat currency (EUR/USD)

    5.2.      All bets & transactions will be settled in the crypto equivalent.

    5.3.      Please note that these are currency EUR/USD approximations.
    For further details feel free to contact our live support.


    6.1.      The player confirms that he/ she knows and understands the rules of games offered by the website. It is the user's responsibility to know the payout percentage of each game.

    6.2.      Please bear in mind some games may be unavailable in certain jurisdictions, as required by policies of game providers that may change from time to time.

    6.3.      Using VPN is not restricted, however, it may lead to malfunction of games or connection issues. The client is solely responsible in the event that the VPN connection can lead to loss of money or misallocation of bets.


    7.1.      Vave offers a variety of payment methods. To make deposits to your account at Vave Casino, you can transfer funds from the cryptocurrencies under your control, or using any other payment methods available at Deposits can only be made from your own funds. Please contact our support team at [email protected] to inquire about the most suitable payment methods for your country of residence.

    7.2.      Please note that the minimum and maximum deposit amount depends on the method you choose.

    7.3.      Vave also is not responsible for the lost funds deposited from third party accounts.

    7.4.      Kindly note that due to the nature of cryptocurrencies, deposit limits may vary greatly while adding funds through the cryptocurrencies or the MoonPay payment system. If you want to limit your gambling in the casino, please, use any other available option.

    7.5.      Please note that your bank or payment service provider may charge you additional fees for currency conversion deposits in accordance with their terms and conditions and your user agreement.

    7.6.      The player is fully responsible for paying all fees and taxes applied to their winnings according to the laws of the jurisdiction of the player’s residence. If a user made a deposit and did not place any wagers, we reserve the right to cover our fees in case the user requests a withdrawal.


    8.1.      The minimum and maximum amount for withdrawal depends on the payment method you decide to use. If the requested amount of withdrawal exceeds the limit of a particular payment system, the amount will be withdrawn in instalments. Your withdrawals will be processed as soon as possible, however, please keep in mind that for some payment options, your withdrawal request may take up to 3 days to process.

    8.2.      Crypto withdrawals will be made to your stated cryptocurrency wallet address when making a valid withdrawal request.

    8.3.      If the website mistakenly credits your Player Account with a bonus or winnings that do not belong to you, whether due to a technical issue, an error in the paytables, a human error, or otherwise, the amount of the bonus and/or the winnings from such bonus will remain website property and will be deducted from your Player Account

    8.4.      In certain circumstances and with respect to certain customers Vave casino may decide not to reimburse service charges imposed by payment systems on deposits or withdrawals, which Vave casino usually reimburses. 

    8.5.      Please note that even for supported countries the Company is not able to guarantee successful credit card payment processing in all cases, since banks issuing credit cards may block or reject such transactions at their own discretion.

    8.6.      You acknowledge that withdrawals via bank transfers can in exceptional cases be subject to additional charges by the intermediary banks. These charges remain beyond the influence of The Casino and are limited to the equivalent of 16 USDT.

    8.7.   The Company reserves the right to check the player’s identity prior to processing payouts, holding any pending withdrawals during that time or cancel them. In some cases, the Website can request a selfie with an ID, a selfie with an ID and a special sign, or a phone call. Failure to pass verification within 2 weeks will lead to account closure and any winnings confiscation.  In case, of false personal data provided by the player, the withdrawal can be refused and the user account can be terminated. The player will be informed thereof by email. In some cases The Company may require verification via a live video call.

    Verification criteria for the identity document must include: name, photograph, date of birth, citizenship.

    Also we can require selfies with the identity document: it's preferable that the player’s hands are visible, a thorough check for editing / photoshop manipulations will be run. Optionally, a selfie can be requested with an identity document + a sheet of paper on which the name of the website and the current date are written.

    The verification needs to be completed within 14 days of the initial request; otherwise, the account will be terminated and all withdrawals suspended.

    8.8.  In case your winning is 50 000 USDT (or equivalent in other currency) or higher, vave, in exceptional cases, reserves the right to pay the winning in equal parts within 30 days at a maximum.

    8.9.   For players with an active self-exclusion period or active account restrictions (maximum loss, wager amount, deposit, and maximum bet amount) the following maximum withdrawal limits apply: 500 USDT (or equivalent in balance currency) a day, 1500 USDT (or equivalent in balance currency) a week, 5000 USDT (or equivalent in balance currency) a month. These limits will also apply to inactive accounts. An account is considered inactive when not being used for making deposits, playing or making bets, or when it's inactive due to any other reasons during 1 month. Finally, please keep in mind the Casino is not a financial institution. Your account will thus not bear any interest and no conversion or exchange services will be offered at any time.

    8.10. In case of account closure, if there are still funds in your account, a transaction fee of 12.5 EUR (or equivalent in another currency) will be added for a manual bank transfer made by our team.

    8.11. The wagering requirement must be completed in full before the funds can be withdrawn from the account. The deposit amount must be wagered at least 3 (three) times for Casino/Live Casino bets and/or 1 (one) time for Sports bets prior to requesting a withdrawal.

    8.12. The Vave Security Service is entitled to:

    •  decline cash withdrawal requests if deposits were made through e-payment systems;

    •  refuse any withdrawal should the deposit or withdrawal amounts be inconsistent with bets placed (the Customer must place bets adding up to the total amount minimum odds of 1.1). Permitted withdrawal amounts shall be calculated based on the amount of the bets placed from any given deposit;

    •  refuse any withdrawal if the betting account is misused. In this case your account must be verified before a withdrawal can take place.


    9.1.      If you want a refund of a deposit you made, please contact the support department. You can do it with the form on site, or via email. A refund request will only be considered if made within the first twenty-four (24) hours of the alleged transaction, or within thirty (30) calendar days if the Player alleges that another individual has accessed his/her Player Account.

    9.2.      Before a refund is processed, all bonuses and winnings in your balance will be deducted to calculate the amount to be refunded.

    9.3.      If the refund amount is less than the minimum processed by the payment provider, the company has the right to refuse the refund.


    10.1.      The Company has a strict anti-fraud policy. If the player is suspected of fraudulent actions including but not limited to:

    •   participating in any type of collusion with other players;

    •   development of strategies aimed at unfaithful winnings;

    •   fraudulent actions against other online casinos or payment providers;

    •   chargeback procedures with a credit card or denial of some payments made;

    •   going bankrupt in the country of his residence;

    •   providing incorrect personal data during registration;

    •   low-risk roulette play where the player betting equal stakes for both black/red or even/odd covering 25 or more out of 37 numbers on the table. (Placing bets on black/red only covers 36 of 37 possible numbers).

    •   opposite betting.
    sports betting: actions aimed at placing bets on opposing outcomes of the same event.
    casino: placing wagers on conflicting outcomes within the same casino game; live game; table game.

    •   other types of cheating

    •   The Company reserves the right to terminate the user account and suspend all payouts to the player. This decision is at the sole discretion of the Company and the player will not be notified or informed about the reasons for such actions. The Company also reserves the right to inform the regulatory bodies of such fraudulent actions performed by the player.

    10.2.       The administration of the casino reserves the right to call its players if regarded as a necessary part of verification. The account will not be verified and the winnings will not be processed until a conversation with the manager takes place (the call is made to the phone number specified for the player's account). In case the phone number is invalid or missing, giving grounds to suspect fraud, the casino reserves the right to terminate the account and confiscate the winnings. If the player does not pass the procedure within two weeks, the account will be permanently closed and the winnings confiscated. Such actions may help to reduce fraudulent actions and avoid negative practice in the future. In case the player has a duplicate account with bonuses, or same ID, or used a few accounts from the same browser, or same playing scheme at both accounts, the casino reserves the right to terminate such accounts and withhold the winnings. If a customer avails of registration free spins while his/her county differs from the IP address, the administration of the casino reserves the right to terminate such an account and withhold the winnings in order to avoid negative practices in the future. If a customer or group of customers is suspected of abusing a promotion, Vave reserves the right to void the bonus and any winnings.

    10.3.       Abusing a promotion means:

    •   Making maximum allowed bets on high variance games in order to increase balance;

    •   Decreasing stake after a big hit and switching to low variance game;

    •   Making deposits with only bonus promotions without free cash deposits;

    •   The Customer bonus ratio (bonuses : wager) is more than 40%.

    10.4.       The Casino has zero tolerance to advantage play. Any player who will try to gain advantage of casino welcome offers or other promotions agrees that Company reserves the right to void bonuses and any winnings from such bonuses, for the reasons of:

    •   use of stolen cards;

    •   chargebacks;

    •   creating more than one account in order to get an advantage from casino promotions;

    •   providing incorrect registration data;

    •   any other actions which may damage the Casino.

    10.5.        The Casino reserves the right to close your Player Account and to refund to you the amount on your account balance, subject to deduction of relevant withdrawal charges, at Casino’s absolute discretion and without any obligation to state a reason or give prior notice. The Casino reserves the right to retain payments if suspicion or evidence exists of manipulating the casino system. Criminal charges will be brought against any user or any other person(s) who has/have manipulated the casino system or attempted to do so. The Casino reserves the right to terminate and/or change any games or events being offered on the Website.


    11.1.      An inactive (dormant) account is a Player Account which a player has not logged into or logged out of for twelve (12) consecutive months. If your Player Account is deemed to be inactive, the Casino reserves the right to charge a monthly administrative fee of 10 USDT or the equivalent in another currency (or the current balance of your account, if less) as long as the balance of your account remains positive.

    11.2.      You authorise the Casino to debit this fee from your Player Account at the beginning of the month following the day on which your account is deemed inactive, and at the beginning of every subsequent month that your account remains inactive. The Casino will stop deducting the fee if the account balance is zero or if the account is re-activated.


    12.1.      You are free to contact our customer service team according to the instructions found on the Website to make any complaints regarding our services. The complaints are handled in the support department and escalated in the organisation of the Casino in case the support personnel did not solve the case immediately. You will be informed about the state of the complaint to a reasonable level. If the dispute is not resolved at the casino management level, you can contact any independent body, gaming authority or the licensing regulator listed on the Website. In the event of any dispute, you agree that the server logs and records shall act as the final authority in determining the outcome of any claim. You agree that in the unlikely event of a disagreement between the result that appears on your screen and the game server, the result that was logged on the game server will prevail, and you acknowledge and agree that our records will be the final authority in determining the terms and circumstances of your participation in the relevant online gaming activity and the results of this participation. When we wish to contact you regarding such a dispute, we will do so by using any of the contact details provided in your Player Account.


    13.1. The player is aware of the fact that gambling on the website may lead to losing money. The Company is not liable for any possible financial damage arising from the use of the website.

    13.2. The Company is taking effective measures to protect the player’s private data from any unauthorized use and is only making it available to parties involved in providing gambling services through the website. Notwithstanding this, the Company is not responsible for how the information is further treated by third parties, for example, third-party software providers or affiliates. Treatment of player’s private data by such parties subject to the terms and conditions of these parties if any.

    13.3. The Company is not liable for any hardware or software defects, unstable or lost Internet connections, or any other technical errors that may limit the player’s access to the website or prevent the player from an uninterrupted play.

    13.4. In the unlikely case where a wager is confirmed or a payment is performed by us in error, the Company reserves the right to cancel all wagers accepted containing such an error, or to correct the mistake by resettling all the wagers at the correct terms that should have been available at the time that the wager was placed in the absence of the error.

    13.5. If the Casino mistakenly credits your Player Account with a bonus or winnings that do not belong to you, whether due to a technical issue, error in the paytables, human error, or otherwise, the amount and/or the winnings from such bonus will remain the Casino property and will be deducted from your Player Account. If you have withdrawn funds that do not belong to you prior to us becoming aware of the error, the mistakenly paid amount will (without prejudice to other remedies and actions that may be available at law) constitute a debt owed by you to us. In the event of incorrect crediting, you are obliged to notify us immediately by email.

    13.6. The Casino, its directors, employees, partners, service providers:

    • do not warrant that the software or the Website is/are fit for their purpose;
    • do not warrant that the software and Website are free from errors;
    • do not warrant that the Website and/or games will be accessible without interruptions;
    • shall not be liable for any loss, costs, expenses, or damages, whether direct, indirect, special, consequential, incidental, or otherwise, arising in relation to your use of the Website or your participation in the games.

    13.7. You hereby agree to fully indemnify and hold harmless the Casino, its directors, employees, partners, and service providers for any cost, expense, loss, damages, claims, and liabilities howsoever caused that may arise in relation to your use of the Website or participation in the Games.

    13.8. You acknowledge that the Casino shall be the final decision-maker of whether you have violated the Casino’s Terms and Conditions in a manner that results in your suspension or permanent barring from participation in the Website.

    13.9. The casino is not a financial institution and thus should not be treated as such. Your account will not bear any interest and no conversion or exchange services (including fiat-crypto exchange) will be offered at any time.

    13.10. Internet gambling may be illegal in the jurisdiction in which you are located; if so, you are not authorized to use your payment card to complete this transaction.

    13.11. Cardholder's responsibility to know the laws concerning online gambling in his or her country of domicile.

    13.12. Participation of minors in offered on this website activities is prohibited.


    To understand how we use your personal information, you may view our Privacy Policy here.


    15.1.      Gambling at an online casino should always be aimed at entertainment. However, there is a certain percentage of people who lose control over themselves while gambling. Before starting to play, it is important to understand that gambling should never be viewed as a source of income or a means of recovery from debts. It is useful to keep track of the time amount of money spent at an online casino daily. If you think that you start spending more money than you can afford, or in case gaming starts interfering with your normal daily routines, we strongly advise considering several measures that can help, such as setting Personal Limits on your gaming activities, opting for Self-Exclusion, and seeking help and support from trusted independent bodies. 

    15.2.      You may look through detailed explanation of gambling addiction and prevention of it here

    15.3.      To assist you in gambling responsibly we offer the Personal Limits feature. If you want to set up any limits - you should contact customer support at [email protected]

    15.4.      Deposit Limit. A limit on your deposits for a day, a week, or a month. Loss Limit. A limit on your losses in the casino for a day, a week, or a month. Please note the loss is based on the initial deposit and not winnings attributed to the deposited amount. If for example you deposit 50 USDT, set a Loss Limit of 10 USDT and then go on to win 1000 USDT, you can still lose more than 10 USDT of the 1000 USDT balance, as it is based on the initial deposit instead of the winnings. Wager Limit. A limit on the amount wagered during a day, a week, or a month. Cooling-Off Limit. You can set a Cooling-Off Period for 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months. While the limit is active you cannot deposit with the Casino and will be excluded from all promotional offers, although you may withdraw the remaining funds during this period. The Cooling-Off period is applied to your account immediately. Upon its expiration, your account will automatically be re-activated. Self-Exclusion Limit. You can set a Self-Exclusion Limit for 6 months, 9 months, or 1 year. Upon doing so your Player Account will immediately be disabled and you will be excluded from all promotional offers for the set period. You will not be able to deposit or withdraw funds when the limit is active. Please note that if you are self-excluded from the casino for an indefinite period of time, the funds remaining on balance will be paid according to the casino limits. If you are self-excluded for a definite period of time, the funds remaining on balance will be paid according to the casino limits only when the period of self-exclusion expires. 

    15.5.      You may also contact our support team at [email protected] and inform us about your decision to stop gambling at the Website for a certain period of time or forever. We will take all measures to block your access to your account and make sure that you receive no promotional materials.

    15.6.      External Help

    You may contact any of the following organisations for consultation and support:  

    Gamblers Anonymous


    Gambling Therapy

    15.7.      Protection of Minors

    • The Casino only accepts players who are at least 18 years old and uses all available methods to stop any attempts of minors to register and play on our Website. The Casino reserves the right to ask for proof of identity and in case the player has not reached the legal age to play, access to the Website will be denied immediately.
    • However, we realize that due to the wide availability and nature of the Internet people under the legal age still have a chance to register and play at an online casino. We therefore strongly encourage parents to cooperate in protecting their children from free access to gaming websites. There is special software that can help in this matter. Please visit the following websites for more information:



    Solid Oak Software

    Net Nanny

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